Space required to transport 60 people. Bicycles FTW!

Great graphic from the City of Muenster; Germany’s bicycle capital. Yes, yes, we can wax rhetoric about the fact that four people can fit in a single car – but really now, how often does that actually happen?

Powers of Ten. Like Star Wars, the original version is still the best.

I remember seeing this in elementary school and thinking, “Whoa…” The remarkable thing is that it is still awesome.

Charles and Ray Eames, 1977

Crapbook: social networking via the microbial profile found in your feces

Julian Davies, a colleague of mine at UBC, coined the term “crapbook” in a lecture today. He was talking about a site called “My.Microbe” and, well, I had to check it out.

“The non-profit programme MyMicrobes, launched today, is inviting people to have their gut bacteria sequenced for about €1,500 (US$2,100). Acting as both social network and DNA database, the website offers a place for people to share diet tips, stories and gastrointestinal woes with one another. In exchange, researchers hope to gather a wealth of data about the bacteria living in people’s guts.” (From Nature – link)

Kind of wierd, actually. And expensive too!

(Link to My.Microbe)

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