Words I See When I Read The Phrase “Intelligent Design” While Squinting


Interior Design


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(Originally published at McSweeney’s)

Children Prioritize Virtual Exotic Biodiversity over Local Biodiversity

“Our results suggest that the knowledge of children and their consideration to protect animal are mainly limited to internet contents, represented by a few exotic and charismatic species.”

This recently published PLoS article is pretty interesting, especially in the context of our Phylo project. It’s certainly something we note in terms of being able to find or get artwork for certain animals (i.e. it’s so easy to find art for iconic species: not so much for the other 19 million or so).

Legal money with the Queen on one side and Chewbacca on the other.

Seriously: a limited run of 40 different Star Wars coins from the New Zealand Mint. I think I’m going to have to get the Chewbacca coin at the very least. You know, that way instead of saying “heads or tails”, we can play “heads or wookie.”

Fox commentators apparently exempt from the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.

Here’s a choice quote from a “weather expert” on Fox TV.

“[Saying that CO2 could affect the climate] contradicts what we call the first law of thermodynamics: energy can never be created nor destroyed,” Bastardi said. “So, to look for an input of energy into the atmosphere you have to come from a foreign source.”

This is so wrong it is both funny and frightening, and Davide Castelvecchi over Scientific America does a great job outlining why.

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