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More evidence that dinosaurs are awesome (and also funny)

Really, just watch this…

Via io9

Science themed toilet roll art (yes, it does exist) #remarkable




By Anastassia Elias, via Colossal

Dinosaurs made from light, by Darren Pearson



By Darren Pearson, via Colossal

4th Grade Science Quiz: Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel


Via Friendly Athiest, via Fresh Photons.

YES! The dinosaur beard. #awesome


From Reddit, via Not Exactly Rocket Science

3D dinosaur gingerbread cookies #awesome

Available for purchase (in 4 different species) from suck.uk.com.

How to eat a Triceratops: A visual guide

As Fowler and his colleagues examined the various types of bite mark on the skulls, they were intrigued by the extensive puncture and pull marks on the neck frills on some of the specimens. At first, this seemed to make no sense. “The frill would have been mostly bone and keratin,” says Fowler. “Not much to eat there.” The pulling action and the presence of deep parallel grooves led the team to realise that these marks were probably not indicative of actual eating, but repositioning of the prey. The scientists suggest that the frills were in the way of Tyrannosaurus as it was trying to get at the nutrient-rich neck muscles.





Article by Matt Kaplan in Nature. Research via Denver Fowler (and colleagues) at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.

The reason why fine art and Pterodactyls don’t mix well.

By Benjamin Dewey.

Figure 1: Terminal Velociraptor

By Nathan Joyce, via Dropping the Science.

And this is what dinosaur sex looks like…

Not sure who the illustrator is, but it is someone who collaborated with Beverly Halstead. Via The Daily.

Your dinosaur video for the week. Narration by Sam Neil direct from Jurassic Park

By Tal Moskovich on Vimeo.

Best dinosaur light show ever!

By Darren Pearson (aka Darius Twin), via the Visual News.

Cloning dinosaurs is bad for the kids.

Although it looks lovely as an illustration.

By Brandon James Scott.

When dinosaurs adapt (or maybe more of a Voltron dinosaur thing). Either way, it’s awesome.

I love this picture. I also have it as an art card from Carded!

By Tony Cliff, via drawn.ca

Did Jesus ride on a dinosaur?

Apparently, yes (if you take this page from a Bible Colouring Book to heart)*

*Also possibly a spoof – since I can’t find an original source for this (it’s basically all over the web).

I have no explanation for this, except to say that it is awesome.

Photograph by Arthur Pollock. Also see newspaper clipping here.

This is brilliant! A VW bug remixed as a stegosaurus.

Awesome photo by Mark Massey, via thisiscolossal.


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